Happiest country in the world :)

Happiest country in the world :)

what comes to your mind when you wanted to pack your bags and get lost in serenity ?

you got an amazing option which you cannot afford to miss this one of the most versatile place on the planet. 

A place where you can find Peace, Heights of Humanity, Developed nation yet down to earth attitude people, an ecstatic place to experience the beauty of greenery amidst of the crazy hills and mountains, an amazing experience of travel will definitely make you feel to revisit again. 

BHUTAN…. Yes Bhutan !! A tobacco free nation, well known for notion of Peace and almost ZERO crime, when said zero crime its as notifiable as safest and secure place to be. 

Bhutan - one of the smallest countries in the world. Wait….. country ?? would rather call it Bhutan Kingdom as it is still being ruled by a King (Current King: Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck)

Situated in the eastern edge on a range of varied mountains with whole of the country covered with over 70% with forest and greenery with whole fresh package of more oxygen with essence of himalayan breeze throughout the day which makes you think about nothing for the wholesome time you spend here.

With just limited places around, they are unique for their own reason for being. Bhutan is well known for their montessories (or Dzongs) which have a traditional touch of architecture which gives a glimpse look of tibetan look. 

Surprisingly, means of transport and feasibility to reach this heavenly place has a number of option to choose from. Especially if you are an Indian National, one advantage is you do not need to carry a Passport to enter this country because of the friendly relation between both the countries India and Bhutan (Will discuss later about the permit requirements to enter Bhutan)

let’s peep into some random facts about this place where people believe in their own cultural diversity in every part of their life including their food, lifestyle and attitude. Yes ATTITUDE - Smile on the face and  kind at heart being their Attitude makes themselves special .. like people, like country makes this places feel heavenly. No wonder why this place is called Happiest Country.

Random facts about this country

More than 70% of the country is covered with forest and greenery. Just imagine how great it would seem with bushes and trees all around! Every place you travel in this country is filled with essence of fresh air. 

No Tobacco

Yes! Bhutan does not encourage the production and selling of  tobacco products like Cigarettes/Cigars and is the first country in the world to prohibit smoking in the country.

But for any tourist who is travelling here can carry limited number of cigarettes with them provided, that they get the permit from permit office to carry. However, smoking in public places and public accommodations are still prohibited !!

On contrary, there is no restriction on alcohol . Yes! in fact, there are some famous liquors which are special for their own flavours and unique taste such as K5, Bhutan Grain Whisky, 1907 and famous Peach wine which famous for its own renowned taste!

No Tattoo

Yeah!  you read it right. That skin impingement  is a strictly NO here and is considered  a sin with someone who has a tattoo. For any traveller who has a tattoo it is advisable to cover the tattooed areas. That was a government ban on the tattoo parlors and artists not to practice tattoo art!

Before we proceed to the insights of the fairy tale, let’s take a look into some magnificent captures of the places around    

Thimphu - Bhutan Capital

An areal view from top of Bhutan Capital




Paro - Tiger’s Nest




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